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Eat: A Café Full of Charm

Tel Aviv is full of small cute cafes, so many that you can visit a different one every day and never get bored. There is one though that I always find myself re-visiting… Continue reading

EAT: A Plateful of Hummus

Israel is packed to the brim with amazing hummus restaurants, but there is one place in particular that is my absolute favourite. Ha’mitbach Ha’kaful on Nahalat Benyamin is everything you want out of… Continue reading

Eat: Sushi Loving

Sushi is extremely popular in Tel Aviv, almost every street corner has a sushi restaurant. Despite this it’s sometimes hard to find interesting and novel combinations that go above and beyond the standard salmon… Continue reading

Eat: A Pastel Work of Art

As I have mentioned before, I absolutely love Tel Aviv Art Museum, and my last visit made me love it even more (if thats possible!). I was on a cultural day trip with… Continue reading

Eat: Cocktail Time

When it comes to alcohol, Israel has a big problem with proportions. I cannot count the number times that I have ordered a simple drink, and have had to ask the barman to “dilute”… Continue reading

Eat: The Brothers make it Fresh

Tel Aviv is filled to the brim with great restaurants making it sometimes very hard to choose where to eat. I always love tasty, fresh food in a fun and buzzy atmosphere and… Continue reading

Eat: A Meal With A View

During our visit to the old city of Rosh Pina in the north of Israel, we came across a gorgeous restored building that is now a boutique hotel and restaurant with its own… Continue reading

Eat: Miznon- A Street Party

As soon as you enter this small and busy “street” cafe the aroma makes your taste buds go wild. Owned by the celebrity chef Eyal Shani, this was never going to be your standard… Continue reading